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Technology of Materials (TM) is a full service analytical laboratory
specializing in research and analysis of a wide variety of materials
by X-ray powder diffraction and related techniques.

We also provide expert Analytical Coordination and consultation.
What do we do for our Clients?
Dr. Sam Iyengar
Our experts not only share their knowledge on testing and
analysis, but also provide analytical coordination and problem
solving.  Most importantly, our focus in Customer Satisfaction.
Dr. Sampath S.Iyengar, the
founder, is a geochemist/
minerologist and X-ray
diffraction and materials
science specialist.
Our Emphasis is as follows:
Environmental Testing Lab Develop an analytical program that solves the pain
Material Testing Lab Work with customers in validating the program
, Material Testing Laboratories Periodic follow-up to refine the program
Materials Testing Lab Roll-out of a mature analytical program that solves the problem.
Contact us:
(800) 682-2922
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