Analytical Lab
Environmental Testing Lab
X-Ray Diffraction
Analytical Lab
Analytical Lab
Environmental Testing Lab
Materials Testing Labs
Phase Analysis
  • Airborne particulate analysis and estimation including quartz,
    cristobolite, vanadium and zinc Oxide analysis as per OSHA
  • Detailed soil and clay mineral analysis
  • Crystalline/Amorphous ratio -- Percent Crystallinity in polymers and
    ceramic materials
  • Structural characterization and analysis of catalysts and chemicals
  • Analysis of corrosion products
  • Corrosion and Materials failure analysis
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Quantitative Analysis
  • Accurate phase quantification by Rietveld Method
  • External and Internal standard methods.
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Rietveld Analysis
  • Accurate quantitative analysis by whole pattern fitting least squares
  • Accurate lattice parameter determination
  • Line broadening analysis
-- Crystallite size determination
-- Microstrain determination
Residual Stress Determination
  • Macrostress by Sin2 Psi technique
  • Microstress by line broadening
Retained Austenite Determination
  • The Rietveld method will be used to quantify the amounts of Austenite
    in stainless steel.
Thin Film Analysis
  • Low angle glancing incidence technique for extremely thin films
  • Thickness determination
  • Determination of preferred orientation
Crystalline/Amorphous Ratio Determination
  • Crystalline/Amorphous contents in dental implants, polymers are
    determined by a profile fitting technique.
X - Ray Diffraction analyses is performed with an automated
diffractometer and the data analyzed with a computerized least
squares technique. A Philips x-ray diffractometer, equipped with a
graphite monochrometer and a copper tube is used to collect the
powder data. The data is collected on a PC and analyzed using a
computerized search and match procedure. The laboratory is also
equipped with the JCPDS database on a CD - ROM.


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